Trufflehound's fine chocolates and truffles.
Hand-Made Gourment Chocolates.
are individually created masterpieces sure to delight the chocolate lover in us all. Made with the finest fresh ingredients, Trufflehound’s exquisitely delicious chocolates are available in nine scrumptious flavors in elegant five piece to two-pound boxes. You may also purchase Trufflehound's Chocolates individually at our Ventura, California shop.

Trufflehound's Choclates are Available in 16 Varieties.

Mud Slide
Dark or milk chocolate ganache center with real vodka and espresso extract. Coated in milk or bittersweet chocolate.

Trufflehound's Fantastic Chocolate Turtles
The best caramel ever! Available with pecans or almonds and topped with your choice of milk or bittersweet chocolate.

Roasted Almond Clusters
Roasted almonds and chocolate. One of life’s simple pleasures.

Trufflehound's Surperb Raspberry Noyau. Raspberry Noyau
A luscious layer of raspberry with toasted almond pieces on top of a layer of bittersweet chocolate and caramel. Available coated in bittersweet or milk chocolate.

The richest, creamiest caramel ever!

A special almond toffee coated in milk or dark chocolate and rolled in almond pieces.

Trufflehound’s secret recipe, covered in milk or bittersweet chocolate.

Universally loved! Available in milk or bittersweet chocolate.

Trufflehound's Delicious Peanut Butter Cup. Peanut Butter Cups
Incredible! Months in development but worth the wait!

Coconut Haystacks
Toasted coconut with milk or bittersweet chocolate.