Trufflehound's fine chocolates and truffles.
Handmade Gourment Truffles and Chocolates.

Trufflehound's owners, Claudia and Fred, are both food technologists educated at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California. With prior careers in the food industry, they share a passion for quality ingredients, freshness and affordable prices. It didn't take much time before they decided that their only path was to open their own business and that chocolate is adored by nearly everyone.

Chocolate begins love and renews it, and is offered in friendship and to family. It is just one of the most wonderful sticky joys of life, and with their own store, they could guarantee that this treasure is the best it can be. And finally, they are passionate chocolate lovers themselves - par excellence!

Our truffles and chocolates are made in small batches with the finest ingredients to ensure complete control over quality.

Here's how we make some of our delicious Chocolates:

Our handmade buttery rich toffee is poured
and cut into individual pieces.

Turtles are individually handcrafted from caramel
and pecans or almonds, and finally coated by hand
with either milk chocolate or bittersweet chocolate.